May 2017

I’ve been doing this for nearly two years now, and it has finally become clear to me why I am still doing it–writing this blog even though to the best of my knowledge not 10 people on earth have ever read as much as a single post.

You see, the study program is often very demanding and puts a high pressure on me, both in terms of time consumption and emotional involvement. Writing is an almost therapeutic form of compensation. Whenever I feel I am in way over my head, and there are so many things competing for my scarce time I know longer know where to start, I refuse, for a short while, to start at all. I grab a coffee and my laptop, sit down at the window in the cafeteria, and take the two hours it usually takes me to write one of my blog posts. I reserve that time, deliberately, to get my distance, to draw a deep breath, to refocus and reflect on my situation; to get off the hamster wheel at least for a short while. And I always feel better after that. It helps me put a perspective on things, and I never feel I have wasted my time. Even though in terms of success in the study program I effectively have.

I’ll leave the offhand comment from more relaxed times in place, for historical reasons …

September 2015

About? You mean what this blog is about? Well, just what the title says. Or else read the first post, The Background.

Now wait, there is a question. Why is this blog in English?

Can’t say. Just because it’s fun. Or maybe because it adds a level of indirection. That’s what our CS 101 professor says CS is all about–adding levels of indirection. At least when he’s not saying CS is just nodes and arrows.


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