Still Not Over

Coffee in the empty cafeteria on the empty UAS campus. Sunny summer weather outside and absurdly quiet in here. Great conditions for working on the bachelor thesis, and this afternoon there is a last preparatory meeting for the Certified Tester examination a week hence. Plus there is a well-stocked library which I might visit to look up a few citations.

But in reality I’m just here to feed my sentimentality. I might just as well write the thesis at work as I did the last couple of days. No, I’ve always liked this place, particularly when it’s quiet and empty. So while I’ve still a good reason to be here, I might as well.

I’ve written an introduction for the thesis these last three days, something I’ve always hated. Introductions for academic works are tedious, redundant, and serve just to show how much you know about your subject and how relevant it is. Usually it’s bogus. As in this case. Nobody cares what I did, me least of all. In fact I have long ago tired of this project. Truth told, I lost interest when it became obvious that I wouldn’t be able to lay my hand on any actual business data, and that was in early March. Since then it has been a completely fruitless exercise in style. Oh well, at least I learned Scala, Docker, Kubernetes, and several databases in the process.

And it’s still not over. I need at least one more chapter on actually training my neural networks, though this will necessarily (and mercifully) be brief since I had barely any results. Which is why I dread this chapter. Maybe I’ll be able to just dispose of it today? And a conclusion. And a lot of citations, of course. And diagrams. Enough to keep me busy for another couple of weeks. In fact, there’s even a small feature left that would well round out the project and that I’d love to still implement (as in program something, you know), though I failed abysmally when I tried to do so last Friday, for a change of scenery after the exam, because my virtual machine wouldn’t talk to my cluster registry. Then there is proofreading, printing, handing in, preparing presentation slides. I won’t run out of work soon. But it’s tedious. I want it over with.

And I’m even more tired of still studying flashcards for that stupid examination. Right now it feels like I’ll never again want to study in my life.

I suppose that’s a good thing when it’s nearly over and you’re in danger of getting sentimental about it?

4 PM: For once I’ll add a postscript. I did indeed manage to write the entire missing chapter, and I think it’s rather OK. Better than expected in fact. While I felt good about it, I got a new cup of coffee and also wrote a (minimal) conclusion for the thesis. Which means basically the thing is done, in the first version. There’s not much that can still go wrong now. The rest is menial stuff done a hundred times before.

And the grades for IT security came out at noon. That was a mercifully brief wait, just a week. I got a not completely unexpected but still very reassuring A+.

What a nice couple of unexpected gifts today. We’ll be leaving for a brief Baltic sea cruise with the family tomorrow morning (Oslo and back in three days) and now with very little left to worry about I’ll certainly be more relaxed that I’d otherwise have been.


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