30 Hours

Nearly three years–over a thousand days, at any rate, since September 2015–and now it’s gonna be over in about 30 hours. One more day studying at home, reviewing my flashcards for the last time (or rather, the ten last times or so), then probably a night of very little and very poor sleep, about three hours of perfectly useless, mindless, unnerving waiting before the exam at 11 AM–what a stupid time for an exam, just before lunch!–and then the usual madness of trying to get arcane, obscure technical details right while avoiding careless mistakes–and then it’ll all be over. Oh well, there is still the bachelor thesis to complete, but that’s just a long, drawn-out private farewell with no interaction with other students and nearly none with professors either, and anyway it’ll all happen during the summer break when the UAS campus is empty. And the stupid certification exam for Certified Tester but that’s neither here nor there. But the real stuff, studying, lectures, study groups, practica, assignments, programming partners, PVLs, exams, all that makes a study program, that will be over. For good. After three years. Yet right now I’m not the least bit sentimental about it. I just want it to be over. Particularly since tomorrow is the last time this can still go wrong.

It’ll probably feel very strange very soon after to be sure, and then for a long time. Chances are I won’t be seeing any of these guys ever again. In fact, of the two or three people I hoped to stay in touch with, one–my last-term practicum partner–announced a couple of days ago that she’s moving to a different large city a hundred miles or so further south because her husband found a job there. I helped her prepare her job application and felt mighty strange about it. I rather wanted her to stay, and now I was helping her to go! But then I’d readily do the same thing in her stead. I don’t particularly enjoy living in Hamburg either and would take any chance to move to a different city, particularly one smaller, further south, and with a little bit of landscape. Hamburg is huge, soulless, and flat, and the weather is abysmal, cool and wet in summer, warm and snowless in winter, and windy all the time. But it looks I’ll be staying some more, as I’m just about to start a new job, my wife has a good job as well, and our kids have their schools and daycare, plus my in-laws live close by and take care of them every once in a while, so yeah, it all makes sense. Still, there’s something missing. But we’ll see about that in a little while. Once I have a little actual job experience. Couple of years or so.

Alright. I’m afraid I’m just killing time lest I have to dive into my stupid flashcards once more … so I’ll be a grown-up and stop procrastinating now. But really. Hard to believe that after these three years, 1,050 or so days, 26 lectures, 24 PVLs with over a hundred practicum assignments, 10 flashcard decks with a total of 4581 cards, and 23 exams (plus one more tomorrow) the remaining time can be measured in hours. And how these three years have changed my life! But that’s a thought for another day.


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